Plum spoon
Functional Curves: Wooden Spoon Carving Workshop
Date: Sunday, July 17, 9 – 4:00 pm
Description: Have you ever wanted to carve something useful from a tree? Starting with green cherry log, students will carve spoons using hand tools. The spoon is shaped and hollowed-out with a Sloyd and a bent knife. Design will be explored, keeping an eye on beauty while emphasizing function. We’ll cover carving techniques, safety, wood selection, tool sharpening, drying and finishing of spoons. This workshop is for all levels of woodworking experience. All tools and materials will be provided for students to use during this workshop.
Who: All ages, 8 and above! Limit: 9
Instructor: Randall Hensen
Cost: $75 Materials fee payable to instructor: $5

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